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Last year we participated in Passports with Purpose to help raise funds for schools, homes and medical facilities in Mali, Africa. Thanks for all who contributed to the fundraiser for this worthy cause! In 2013, over $84,000 was raised for buildOn to create two schools in Mali and fund two adult literacy programs.
 Here is an excerpt from passportswithpurpose.org.

Passports With Purpose was founded in 2008 by Debbie Dubrow, Pam Mandel, Beth Whitman and Michelle Duffy as a way to build community among travel bloggers and to give back to the places we, as travelers, visit. In 2009 we added one more member, Meg Paynor.

In our first year, Passports with Purpose raised $7,400 for Heifer International.

In 2009, Passports with Purpose blew past its initial goal (which was to raise $14,000 to build a school in Cambodia) raising nearly $30,000 to add improvements to the basic school. The school, built through our partnership withAmerican Assistance for Cambodia is now complete.

In 2010, with overwhelming support and assistance from the travel blog community, we raised $64,128, over 25% more than our original goal of $50,000 and built an entire village in India.

In 2011, through our partnerships with the participating bloggers, we raised $90,000 to build two libraries in Zambiathrough a partnership with Room to Read.

In 2012, Passports with Purpose raised over USD $110,000 for Water.org through the collaborative efforts of more than 200 travel bloggers and 1,242 individual donors who bid on one or more of the 143 prizes on the PwP site from November 28 to December 11, 2012.

In 2013, over $84,000 was raised for buildOn to create two schools in Mali and fund two adult literacy programs

Honduran dirt

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Now Passports With Purpose will be having their fundraiser to donate all of the money to Sustainable Harvest International

Each year we raise thousands of dollars $10 at a time and each $10 means so much. For every $5000 that we raise, Sustainable Harvest International will help one extended family in Honduras learn to farm sustainably for five years with lasting benefits for them and their community.


The prize catalogue will be up and donations accepted for a chance to win a prize until December 17, 2014 at 11:59pm EST. You can still donate after that, you just won’t be able to win a great prize.

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