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The 11 Healthiest Foods in the World and Eating Weeds


Grow In Grace Farm

Eating Indigenously 

Before mankind had large boats, vehicles and airplanes to travel beyond walking distances ( or a donkeys journey), humans ate only what they had access to locally. Now that we can eat almost anything we want, should we? Do we really need it to thrive? beyond those living in extreme climates where food is scarce, we should have enough food sources all around us, provided for us by God.

We have had some new friends recently visiting us who walked our land and started eating pine needles, dandelion leaves, wild sorrel, clovers and wild lettuces. Showing us a few plants on our property that we mostly considered annoying weeds or inedible botanicals. Although we have books on the subject along with photos, illustrations and descriptions, we still hesitated to venture out to pick and eat these plants due to fear. Fear of mistaking true edible weeds for toxic…

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