Thanksgiving in the USA coincides with Hanukkah this year..

A time for reflection and thankfulness. The miracle of the Hebrew Nation is being celebrated, starting today, on Thanksgiving Day for the USA. We are grateful for the freedoms we sometimes take for granted. Blessed to be living a mostly comfortable life here. But we know that in many parts of the world today, there is oppression and strife. Those of us Americans who complain about our circumstances, need to consider the plight of other countries and what they are enduring. And of course, what has happened in the past,the horrible parts of the worlds history should not be forgotten. It can and has repeated itself. So for all who celebrate Hanukkah and for those in the USA, lets give thanks to God for this country and for miracles.

Happy Thanksgivukkah

Happy Thanksgivukkah

Give Thanks, and Never Forget

Never forget, and yet, so many have. The atrocities of WWII and the Holocaust are slowly becoming a mere ‘one’ chapter mention in many of the latest school textbooks. History is being rewritten it appears, to accommodate the ‘politically correct’ and those who want to keep societies heads in the sand. We all know that those who deny or ignore the true facts of what has occurred in the past , that horrific history, may be repeated if we don’t learn from it. To those who have had to live through any genocide ( or still do ), government lead or otherwise, they need their voices heard now, before they are no longer alive to tell their stories. Stories of first hand persecution, of the lives lost, of the horrors of what other fellow humans have done to them because of their religion, race, color or beliefs.

There are many people groups to this day that are victims to hate crimes. From all across the globe and in our own towns. Thankfully our family has never had to endure any atrocities as some of our distant ancestors may have.

Holocaust Victims Tattoo

Holocaust Victims Tattoo

Right now we are honored to be volunteering and helping a Jewish man who lived through and survived the Holocaust. Through multiple miracles, Jay Ipson and his parents escaped a Lithuanian Ghetto and hid for 9 months from the German Nazi’s and their own countrymen. For 6 of those 9 months, Jay and his parents and 10 other Jews hid underground in a potato hole. A Polish Christian family risked their own lives and protected them on their farm. Jay Ipson lives now in Virginia and teaches Holocaust History ( and at the time of this writing , his mother Eta is still alive, 102 years old! ) His story of survival is portrayed at the Richmond Holocaust Museum, a museum that Mr. Ipson co-founded. Virginia Holocaust Museum. His family saga is told in the book ‘Izzy’s Fire’ About “Izzy’s Fire” | Nancy Wright Beasley.

Jay Ipson, Holocaust History Lecturer

Jay Ipson, Holocaust History Lecturer

Lawyers without Rights

An exhibit is coming to Richmond, Virginia, USA  that presents the stories of all of the Jewish lawyers who’s right to practice law was taken from them. Jay Ipson’s father, Israel Ip ( Izzy) was an attorney  in Europe at the time and was denied the right to continue his profession. Due to his being so smart and desperately wanting to protect his family, he told a German soldier, when questioned on what his occupation was, that he was “a mechanic”. Through a sequence of events, Israel Ips quick thinking and an adjustable wrench helped save his family. Eventually Jay with his mother and father, came to the USA to live in freedom.

To learn more, check in with Jay Ipson’s website: Holocaust Teacher. It is currently under construction, but check in when you can to find out if Jay will be lecturing in your area, or contact him if you would like him to visit and teach your group or class.

Lawywers Without Rights Exhibit

Lawyers Without Rights Exhibit

Some Words to live by from The Good Book:

“Hear, O Israel: the LORD our God, the LORD is one”. Deuteronomy 6:4

 You shall not take vengeance or bear a grudge against the sons of your own people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself . Leviticus 19 :18

      Shalom, peace, may God bless us all.

Extra photo credit: A.P., Google images and the producers of the Lawyers Without Rights Exhibit

Thankful in the USA..From the Holocaust to A Free Country


Quoth the Raven ..”Edgar was a poet and he didn’t even know it.”

A pictorial tour of the oldest house in Richmond, Virginia ( the Edgar Allan Poe Museum).

Oldest House in Richmond

Oldest House in Richmond

Once upon a midnight dreary.. Edgar lived and wrote in Richmond, Virginia.

back of the museum

back of the museum

Ghastly grim and ancient raven.. with fiery eyes perched up in a dark corner.

Edgar's Raven

Edgar’s Raven

On this home by Horror haunted.. Edgar did not live here in this exact house, but he lived in many other homes around Richmond ( one of them very close by). This old home houses his artifacts.

The Edgar Allen Poe Museum House

The Edgar Allan Poe Museum House

Sitting lonely on the placid bust.. A marble sculpture of one of America’s famous writers. Edgar Allan Poe was born in 1809 and died on Oct. 7, 1849. He died a mysterious death at only 40 years old.

Bust of Edgar Allen Poe

Bust of Edgar Allen Poe

For the rare and radiant maiden.. Edgar Allan Poe married his 13 year old cousin when he was 27.  A ‘Tell-Tale’ sign of his creepiness. Back in the day, it was common to marry at such a young age.

Mrs. Poe

Mrs. Poe

This I sat engaged and guessing.. Poe had his chair back cut so that he would sit up straight to write when he worked for the magazine ‘The Southern Literary Messenger’.

Poe's Writing Chair

Poe’s Writing Chair

Darkness there and nothing more.. Behind the home is a beautiful courtyard. Brick walkways, flowing fountains and many rose bushes in the gardens.

The Coutryard

The Courtyard

And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor, shall be lifted – nevermore.. Edgar Allan Poe was known to be eccentric and a drug user. His stories and poems were frequently spooky and at times, quite gruesome.

Poe's Portrait

Poe’s Portrait

Rapping, tapping- Surely that is something at my windows lattice..inside a stairwell of the home.

A window in the stairwell

A window in the stairwell

Open here I flung the shutter.. a 1737  home.


Then methought, the air grew denser…


By that Heaven that bends above us..by that God we both adore

1737 Oldest Home in Richmond

1737 Oldest Home in Richmond

More on Poe and the museum…

Edgar Allan Poe Museum : Poe’s life, legacy, and Works : Richmond, Virginia.

A red rose is mysteriously left each year on Poe's grave in Baltimore, Md.

A red rose is mysteriously left each year on Poe’s grave in Baltimore, Md.

The Oldest Home in Richmond..NeverMore

The EXPO Experience


Our trip to Baltimore to attend the worlds biggest health foods and products trade show!

Grow In Grace Farm

EXPO East 2013..Highlights on the Natural Foods and Products Industry Biggest Trade Show

Every year we try and attend the Natural Products EXPO EAST at the Baltimore Convention Center near the Inner Harbor with a few of our family members. Being within driving distance to Baltimore, Maryland, it’s an easy enough trip to take. And well worth it. This September 26-28, I took two of our girls. These health food and products industry shows are phenomenal and are important yearly events for anyone in the world of naturals. Two years ago we were able to attend the EXPO West in Anaheim, California  Southern California For Under $30

Each year we have our challenges on where to stay ( due to us needing to be on a conservative budget and having to be resourceful..see our Southern California trip). This time around our generous friends from Harvest Market in Spotsylvania, Va. invited…

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Naturals In Baltimore..On Our Way to Expo East!


Grow In Grace Farm

Headed out to Baltimore, Maryland for the biggest trade show in the world for natural foods and products. In the Fall it’s held on the East Coast in Baltimore and in the Spring it’s the Expo West, held in Anaheim, California. These shows are phenomenal! The convention centers on both coasts are filled with all you can imagine in the health foods and products world. Seminars and workshops, businesses and vendors from all of the biggest and best company’s and also new start ups. We will be learning and researching, taking photos and doing market research. looking forward to this amazing educational and helpful gathering of all those in the naturals industry!

For more info, please read this press release on the Expo East 2013:

EE13 Press Release 060613_FINAL.pdf.

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Be a “Real” Butter Believer


Grow In Grace Farm

Forget Disney, Let’s Go to “ButterWorld”

Learn all about the history of butter and butter making in Atlanta, Georgia this November.

“Back in the day” as they say here in the South, butter was made fresh from local dairy’s. Hand crafted, creamy, freshly churned out in the country air on the front porch. Healthful goodness straight from the cow. Filled with essential fats , enzymes and vitamins. And delicious. Those were the good ole days. Starting around the 1950’s, butter went from farm produced to factory processed. And then it became a nuisance to make and easier to just buy it from the refrigerated grocery shelves. Convenience gave way to get us off track from the homespun life. In the process, we lost much of the best benefits of fresh butter ( and many other foods, for that matter). Coming to the USA this November is an exhibit displaying and…

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The 11 Healthiest Foods in the World and Eating Weeds


Grow In Grace Farm

Eating Indigenously 

Before mankind had large boats, vehicles and airplanes to travel beyond walking distances ( or a donkeys journey), humans ate only what they had access to locally. Now that we can eat almost anything we want, should we? Do we really need it to thrive? beyond those living in extreme climates where food is scarce, we should have enough food sources all around us, provided for us by God.

We have had some new friends recently visiting us who walked our land and started eating pine needles, dandelion leaves, wild sorrel, clovers and wild lettuces. Showing us a few plants on our property that we mostly considered annoying weeds or inedible botanicals. Although we have books on the subject along with photos, illustrations and descriptions, we still hesitated to venture out to pick and eat these plants due to fear. Fear of mistaking true edible weeds for toxic…

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Keep “The Dream” alive. Let’s make MLK’s vision a reality, like he passionately spoke about 50 years ago today for America.  Our United States of America need to be truly united. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Reverend, remember. I believe “One Nation Under God” should continue to be our motto that we adhere to.

Please read here a message from Rev. E.W. Jackson, candidate for Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor.

E.W. Jackson for Va. Lt. Gov.

E.W. Jackson for Va. Lt. Gov.

Fifty years ago today, Rev. Martin Luther King shared his dream with the world. It was not a black dream or white dream, but an “American Dream.” The central theme was that the day would come when we would not be judged by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character.

He was a great leader addressing a real and pressing problem. He was, in a sense, liberating all of us from the shackles of our past and leading us into a new era of the American experience. Change is not easy, and it was necessarily a time of division and tension as our country grappled with the full import of our Declaration and Constitution.

It is my hope that as we remember Dr. King’s historic speech we will reject those who are committed to manufacturing tension and keeping the division alive. Let us embrace a new generation of leaders dedicated to fostering unity and keeping the dream alive as one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

For God and country,

more about EW Jackson


EW Jackson and Family

EW Jackson and Family

The Dream 50 Years Later


Please see our Grow in Grace Farm blog page. Great deal this month to join up with Norwex!

Greatly reducing toxic chemical overload by using this amazing microfiber cloth embedded with 30 % of real silver to kill germs and viruses. We love how these natural cleaning methods save time and money AND eliminate continuous purchasing of store bought chemical products.

Please see the current online catalog at:

Welcome to Susan Verbeeck Website

Grow In Grace Farm

We are newly joined up with the natural products company, Norwex from Norway! This month you can sign up for free to be a consultant with Norwex. Clean your home naturally with no chemicals. We love the Envirocloth microfiber (cleaning cloth using only water). Real silver is embedded in the cloth so it kills germs, bacteria and mold after use. Only a few more days. Wanted to share this info for anyone who would like to get the products and have the opportunity to be a part of the business if interested. Please clink on this site link for more details. Deal ends Aug. 31 2013..a few more days to take advantage of getting free products and starter sales kit. No inventory in your home. All shipped direct.

Finally we can enjoy cleaning now. No more harmful and toxic fumes and poisonous chemicals in our homes. No more buying dangerous…

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Here is an awesome post by Jen Miller on how her family learns around the world. Homeschooling, world- schooling, life- schooling, road-schooling..how ever you name it, it’s what is best for you and your children. Great article on how they all learn together. What a wonderful way to live. I would love for us to be able to do what they are doing!

One of our families trips to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, USA. Real life education from the 18th century.

Learning by Traveling

Learning by Traveling

Click here for the link to Jen’s inspiring article:

Road Schooling: A snap shot | Edventure Project.

Road Schooling: A snap shot | Edventure Project