Peace Y'all

Peace Y’all


Grow In Grace Life ( 2 Peter 3:18 )

Hello from our family of nine currently residing in rural Virginia, U.S.A.

This blog is an attempt to share some of our stories of  ;

WHAT we are doing on our small organic farm ( Grow In Grace Farm ), in the kitchen, out and about trying to serve and help others Grow In Grace Farm | It’s Only Natural !

WHERE we are traveling ( for now it’s America..coming soon, hopefully, the world ! )

WHEN we are learning ( from life experiences and homeschooling adventures )

HOW we are growing ( in mind, body and spirit )

and musings about daily life with a large family striving to live within our means and to be good stewards of God’s provision in our lives.

Please make comments on our postings if you’d like. We can all share and encourage one another in this journey on Earth.

Peace !

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  1. Hi, Susan. I came over from the Christian Unschooling facebook page. It’s good to meet you and your adventurous family. I hope you write about your organic farm too.

    • thanks Monica ! This blogging is new to me. I have always loved to write, but for the past 21 years, I have not had much of an opportunity ( 7 kids in 11 years ! ) I have been managing on facebook, but that is limited.
      I could probably learn from reading your blogs ! I do plan on posting about our organic farming ventures. For now you can track us on facebook as “Grow In Grace Farm”. I am a Yankee too : ) Moved to Virginia from new york 9 years ago. Love the country life !
      thanks so much, Susan

  2. Intresting read….”I Ran From Iran”. I find it very interesting to see how people who lived in Iran during that time had different experiences, and views of their experiences…non of which are wrong….just different. Though so many aspects were identical for all of us…..what sometimes surprises me, is the differences. I’ve really noticed alot of those differences being from those that lived in Khaneh…..and those of us that lived in town…..which also were typically Bell Helicopter families…neither really aware at the time….what the other was experiencing.
    Having said that, I noticed even back then…..the differences from those of us that were some of the very first American families to arrive…(1973), when no organized ammenities were present yet…..and those that arrived later in 75, 76, 77 etc.
    I loved my time in Iran…73 thru 79…10 years old to just turned 16. In fact, even today, it represents some of the best, and definately most unique memories I have. It opened our minds to differences, and acceptance… taught us to survive and even prosper in an environment unknown to us, without many ammenities we were accustomed too….and for many, it brought families, friendships closer than anyone knew before. I was sad to leave…and remained so for some time after.
    I have for years threatened to write of my experiences…..the stories I could tell! I hope someday….I will find a way to do just that…..even if only the very few, will understand .
    Just thought I’d share a few thoughts…..outta thousands that could be expressed of our time in Iran.

    Take care….Kirk Smith (81)

    • should write down your experiences now ! If we all wait too long, our memories will fade and we won’t have all the details to include. I too have waited too long and just a few years ago finally put it down on paper. You had so many more years there than me and have much more to say. I had more that I could write, but my main focus was to write this for young kids and to keep it as a short post. Thanks for reading it and I hope you do finally get your story out there !

  3. Hello Susan and family;
    We too; love our family, travelling and blogging. Here is hoping our paths cross one day. You are welcome in our small humble home in Perth or maybe we will see you on the road?
    Prunella and family

    • That would be awesome Prunella! Hope to really get to Australia some day soon. Let us know when you can make it to the USA. We have plenty of room here on our farmstead. Happy trails to you all.

  4. Hi Susan! I didn’t know that this was you! Thanks for liking my blog. Life has grown amazingly busy here on our farm in MO (I know you understand), but writing is also my passion and it was literally burning in me to start again. It’s good to see you here as well. Keep writing!


  5. Hi! I came across your blog when I started searching for former Grumman employees that were in Iran in the 70’s. My mom and dad were there from ‘78 to ‘79. My mom was pregnant with my sister and gave birth in Athens, Greece in 1979. I would to know if you have any more photos or stories about your time there. My parents didnt take any pictures while they were there.

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