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Naturals In Baltimore..On Our Way to Expo East!


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Headed out to Baltimore, Maryland for the biggest trade show in the world for natural foods and products. In the Fall it’s held on the East Coast in Baltimore and in the Spring it’s the Expo West, held in Anaheim, California. These shows are phenomenal! The convention centers on both coasts are filled with all you can imagine in the health foods and products world. Seminars and workshops, businesses and vendors from all of the biggest and best company’s and also new start ups. We will be learning and researching, taking photos and doing market research. looking forward to this amazing educational and helpful gathering of all those in the naturals industry!

For more info, please read this press release on the Expo East 2013:

EE13 Press Release 060613_FINAL.pdf.

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Be a “Real” Butter Believer


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Forget Disney, Let’s Go to “ButterWorld”

Learn all about the history of butter and butter making in Atlanta, Georgia this November.

“Back in the day” as they say here in the South, butter was made fresh from local dairy’s. Hand crafted, creamy, freshly churned out in the country air on the front porch. Healthful goodness straight from the cow. Filled with essential fats , enzymes and vitamins. And delicious. Those were the good ole days. Starting around the 1950’s, butter went from farm produced to factory processed. And then it became a nuisance to make and easier to just buy it from the refrigerated grocery shelves. Convenience gave way to get us off track from the homespun life. In the process, we lost much of the best benefits of fresh butter ( and many other foods, for that matter). Coming to the USA this November is an exhibit displaying and…

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The 11 Healthiest Foods in the World and Eating Weeds


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Eating Indigenously 

Before mankind had large boats, vehicles and airplanes to travel beyond walking distances ( or a donkeys journey), humans ate only what they had access to locally. Now that we can eat almost anything we want, should we? Do we really need it to thrive? beyond those living in extreme climates where food is scarce, we should have enough food sources all around us, provided for us by God.

We have had some new friends recently visiting us who walked our land and started eating pine needles, dandelion leaves, wild sorrel, clovers and wild lettuces. Showing us a few plants on our property that we mostly considered annoying weeds or inedible botanicals. Although we have books on the subject along with photos, illustrations and descriptions, we still hesitated to venture out to pick and eat these plants due to fear. Fear of mistaking true edible weeds for toxic…

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